Get High Spending Customers in Faster

LineLeap partners with venues across the country helping them maximize revenue through the sale of line-skip passes, drink deals, events, ticket sales, VIP services, cashless cover and more.

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Reach your customers instantly

LineLeap can send specific notifications through multiple channels in order to communicate theme nights, drink deals, events or just reminders for regular venue offers.

LineLeap Texting A Customer

Get high spending customers through the door faster

The customer purchases a line-skip pass through the app and they move to the front of the line. These expedited customers can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for the venue.

Client Revenue Projections

Real time visibility

Venues can see easily digestible data based on time period, product type and product value.

Analytics Dashboard

View customer trends and revenue based on product type, day of the week, and revenue totals.

Analytics Dashboard View

Calendar View

A venue’s calendar view of products sold per day throughout the entire month.

Dashboard Calendar View

Order Visibility

An in-depth view of all orders placed through the platform.

Dashboard Order View

How it Works

Customer buys a pass on that app, proceeds to the front of the line, and door staff redeems pass with the click of a button.
Mobile App Find Pass
Select Venue & Products

A customer is able to select the venue and products of their choice.

Mobile App Buying A Pass
Purchase Products

The customer is then able to purchase directly through the app using their Credit Card, Venmo account, or PayPal.

Mobile App Redeeming A Pass
Door Staff Redeems Pass
No installation necessary, door staff redeems
pass with the click of a button on the customer's phone.

No Fees, No Installation, No Added Work, NO BRAINER!

  • Champs Downtown Logo
    Champs Downtown

    Located at Penn State, generated over $200,000 in new revenue from LineLeap in 2019.

  • The Double U Logo
    The Double U

    Located in Madison, WI, generated over $70,000 in new revenue from LineLeap in 2019.

Clients Adding Cash To Wallet
Over 80 venues trust LineLeap to bring customers through the door.
Customers are using LineLeap in over twenty-four cities, nationwide.
The LineLeap customer base consists of over fifty thousand active users.

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